Consumer Consent and Terms for
Electronic Records, Signatures, and Transactions



The following Consumer Consent and Terms for Electronic Records, Signatures, and Transactions (the “Online Terms”) describe your rights if you agree to accept certain Retail Contract Records in electronic form through our web site and your Email Address of Record. If you are satisfied with your ability to access this document electronically, and you agree to its terms and conditions, please confirm your agreement by providing your electronic signature and clicking the “You accept and agree” button shown on our web site. Please print, save or email the Online Terms and keep them with your other important Retail Contract records.


Key Definitions

• “You” and “your” means anyone who accepts and agrees to the terms and conditions in these Online Terms.


• “We,” “us,” and “our” means Interstate Auto Group, Inc. d/b/a CarHop (“CarHop”) and/or its affiliated sales finance company, Universal Acceptance Corporation (“UAC”), and their affiliated entities for each state in which they do business.


• Your “Retail Contract” means the retail installment contract you signed to finance your purchase of a motor vehicle through us.


• Your “Email Address of Record” means the most recent electronic mail (email) address you provided to us when you used our web site to prepare or update your online account profile, which may be different from any email address you provided when you applied to us for credit.


• A “Record” means any notice, record, document, disclosure or agreement we provide or make available to you in electronic form related to:  (a) any agreement between you and us to amend the payment or other terms of your Retail Contract; (b) any authorization for one-time or recurring Retail Contract payments; (c) any receipt, confirmation, or other evidence of Retail Contract payments; and (d) any other consumer disclosure or notice that we may provide to you related to the billing, payment, or modification of your Retail Contract.


Scope of Your Consent for Electronic Records and Transactions

By accepting these Online Terms, you agree that we may:  (1) conduct transactions and exchange Retail Contract Records with you electronically according to these terms and  conditions; (2) accept and use electronic signatures related to our electronic transactions with you and their related Records; and (3) exchange Records with you by email addressed to your Email Address of Record, and present you with other electronic communications through our web site, in connection with your Retail Contract transactions and Records, instead of exchanging them with you in paper, by mail or courier, or otherwise in a written and non-electronic form. Your consent will remain effective, unless you withdraw it as described below. You understand and agree that the Records we provide to you electronically may be addressed to your Email Address of Record (including any attachments or embedded links), displayed when you use our web site, or some combination of both methods.


Updating Your Contact Information and Email Address of Record: 
You agree to provide us with and maintain an accurate and working email address as your Email Address of Record, and notify us promptly of any changes made to your Email Address of Record. You agree that we may consider your Email Address of Record to be the most recent email address you provided when you prepared or last updated your online account profile through our web site. You may update your Email Address of Record on our web site. If we are notified that email messages are undeliverable to your Email Address of Record for three consecutive months, we will consider your consent for electronic transactions and Records to be withdrawn and we will send future Records to you in writing and by regular mail.





Acknowledgement and Consent for Electronic Records:
The information we are presenting to you electronically through these Online Terms is similar to the information we may provide to you electronically for other Records. You agree that you have verified that you are able to read these Online Terms, and that you can print, save and/or email these Online Terms for future reference.

By providing the last four digits of your Social Security number and clicking the “You Accept and Agree” button associated with these Online Terms, you agree that:

• You are able to access and read these Online Terms and other Records and information electronically through our web site;

• You are able to receive and read email messages sent to your Email Address of Record;

• You are able to print or keep these Online Terms and other electronic Records for your own records;

• The actions described here or on the Records will serve as your electronic signature on any such Records;

• You are providing your consent to receive electronic communications and Records from us under the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, and intend that this law apply to your transactions with us; and

• You consent to receive all Records from us electronically during the course of your relationship with us, unless and until you withdraw your consent in the manner described in these Online Terms.