Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pay off my UAC and CarHop account early?

Yes! You can always make additional payments on your UAC and CarHop account and there are never any penalties for early repayment of your balance. Remember too, that if you pay a little extra each payment – just a few bucks – you save money on interest and you will pay it off sooner.


I’ve always made payments at the CarHop store but I’m moving and that won’t be convenient. What can I do now?


I’ve changed jobs and my paydays are different. Can I change the days my payments are due?

Your UAC and CarHop account representative can you help you to update your account information. You may need to provide a pay stub from your new job and other documents, but remember, our goal is to help you keep driving!


I’m having trouble making my payments, should I give the car back?

Giving the car back may not eliminate your payment obligation and it can damage your credit score, which you’ve been working to build. Call your UAC and CarHop representative to discuss ways we can help your situation.


I want to trade in my car to another dealer. How do I do that?

Call your UAC and CarHop representative ahead of time and they can let you know what the payoff amount will be. Then we can work with your new dealer to pay off the remaining balance and release the title to them.


Your vehicle is necessary for your family.

We will do everything in our power to help customers make their payments, but if they won’t work with us, we have to make some hard choices. One of those is repossession.


UAC and CarHop is not in the business of taking cars. Our job is to keep everyone driving. Repossession is the last resort and is as unpleasant for UAC and CarHop as it is for the customer. Both UAC and the customer experience financial loss in a repossession. It hurts the customer’s credit and reduces their chances to get a vehicle in the future. It's critical that whatever your situation is, you stay in regular contact with UAC and CarHop.