Budgeting Basics


Budgeting your money doesn’t mean you have to pinch pennies to make ends meet. But you do have to take a few simple steps to make sure you can afford the necessities.


Know Your REAL Income

You may know how much you get paid, but know your true take home pay after taxes, social security, insurance and anything that is taken out of your check.


Keep Track of Your Spending

Most of us know what we spend on the big stuff, like rent and car payments, but the little stuff adds up quickly. At UAC and CarHop, we try to get you a payment you can afford before you buy.


It’s important to make your payments

Making your payments on time helps improve your credit. UAC and CarHop reports your monthly payments to all 3 major credit bureaus to help you improve your credit.


Please KEEP IN CONTACT with your UAC and CarHop account representative with any changes in your work, income, residence, or phones so we can help you make your payments. If problems do arise, call us and LET US HELP. It’s critical that whatever your situation is, you stay in regular contact with UAC and CarHop.


UAC and CarHop Success Stories


Since 1996, UAC and CarHop and CarHop have been providing financing for good people who just need a chance to prove themselves. In that time we have heard from thousands of satisfied customers who have benefited from our program. Here are just a few examples. Maybe you story could be next! Tell it to your UAC and CarHop representative today!










Kevin's UAC and CarHop Success Story

When Kevin H. called in to payoff his UAC and CarHop account, he thanked our team because as he went through our program, his credit improved and he was able to buy a newer truck. He also gave his paid-off CarHop car to his son. Congratulations Kevin and best of luck!